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Biblical test has value

Some Spokane political activists are advising fellow citizens to check each candidate’s views against biblical and traditional values. I am not sure which non-biblical values they find traditional, but set that fine point aside.

I don’t see anything about this as unfair. I like to think it will help the rational voter to weed out candidates who are given to superstition. I believe it to be quite a hindrance to good policymaking when those in office hold beliefs in holy spirits, demons, miracles and such. Leaders like that may be tempted to rely on horoscopes, dreams or hallucinations to guide us. Ancient prophecies and voices from the sky could trump hard facts and analysis. We all should find that worrisome.

Public administration and legislation is hard to get right. There is a tangle of facts and processes to unravel. A clear head and reasoning skills are absolutely required. Those who take things on authority alone and believe in fairy tales just do not seem suited to govern.

Of course, the Constitution forbids a religious test for any office, so these flaws mentioned cannot ban candidates from the ballot, and it is left to the voters to decide.

Ron Myers



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