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That’s News to you answers

Sun., Sept. 11, 2011

Here are the answers to this week’s quiz:

1 B. 10: five separate tornado outbreaks, two major river floods in the Upper Midwest and the Mississippi River, drought in the Southwest, a blizzard that crippled the Midwest and Northeast, and Irene. Tropical Storm Lee damage hasn’t hit $1 billion … yet.

2 A. Some of the other names may be catchier, but they’re all made up.

3 C. Happy Feet was too far north, was eating wet sand on a beach apparently thinking it was snow, became undernourished and disoriented. And penguins and polar bears never meet, except in cartoons and maybe zoos.

4 C. Wasn’t Biden this time. Hoffa referred to opponents like the tea party as “sons of (rhymes with witches).”

On the Web: For a longer, interactive quiz – and a chance to win lunch for two at the Davenport Hotel’s Palm Court – go to .


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