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Verner’s vision delusional

Spokane needs a mayor who is honest, a forward thinker and one who is not delusional.

The current mayor, Mary Verner, stated that she did not believe the action of Officer Karl Thompson against Otto Zehm resulted in criminal conduct. Now, she has no comment after Assistant Chief Nicks has reversed his position and says Thompson violated police policies.

The mayor has to have a futuristic vision for problems within the city. She should contact officials in Minneapolis or Chicago about how they handle potholes. Instead, the status quo will remain and next year they will be as bad as ever.

The city of Spokane under her tenure does not know how to prioritize. They are building a new road so they can name it Martin Luther King Jr. Way. While if you travel a few blocks to the east on Trent after Hamilton, asphalt flies from potholes and ruts on the bridge over the river. Travel a few blocks west of the U-District and good luck avoiding the craters at Division and Trent.

But it sure is pretty in the U-District, isn’t it?

Lastly, Mayor Verner said at the opening of Spokane’s new farmers market, “Move over, Pike Place Market” (Seattle). There is not, and never will be, a market in Spokane that could ever come close to the Pike Place Market. Maybe the mayor would suggest that the Spokane market bring in crawdads from the Spokane River to compete with lobsters at Pike Place?

John R. Towey

Spokane Valley


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