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A glance at what Spokesman-Review bloggers have to say

The Slice

By Paul Turner

Sept. 6 – A white-haired couple sitting on a South Hill front porch with a black and brown dog watched as a car pulled into the driveway.

They kept looking as a woman got out of the driver’s side. Then a little girl emerged from the passenger side and went around the car toward the front of the house.

The dog, a medium-size mixed breed (I’m guessing) saw the little girl and bolted off the porch. The pet was going so fast, I thought it was going to knock the kid over. But just as the dog reached her it pulled up and refocused its energy on circling, shimmying, tail-wagging and jumping up to greet the returning student.

The little girl absent-mindedly put her hand down to pat the pooch, like I suspect she has done countless times before.

But this afternoon wasn’t just any old day. This was the first day of school.

Dogs can’t talk, of course. But maybe that’s because sometimes they don’t need to.

The little girl was home and now everything was all right again.

Huckleberries Online

By D.F. Olivera

Sept. 9 – Seems a 20-year-old female has been using a fake name and ID for some time to buy hootch at downtown Coeur d’Alene bars. Her scheme came to a screeching halt around 12:09 a.m. Sept. 3 when police stopped her for violating the open-container law. The schemer had been meeting up with her mother at the bars and was well known at various watering holes. When confronted, she initially lied to officers but when cornered, admitted her real name and age. Later, her mother contacted officers to chew them out for arresting her daughter. Bottom line: “Both the mother and daughter were 86’d from the Iron Horse.”

End Notes

By Rebecca Nappi

Sept. 11 – MSNBC rebroadcast their 9/11 NBC broadcast and I watched it for about 90 minutes this morning, until the fall of the second twin tower. It’s the news account I watched that morning, 10 years ago.

The “Today” show journalists, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, did a great job, considering. But when the first tower went down, Lauer said something like “a good chunk of the building seems to have fallen down.” It took several more minutes for them to report that the tower had actually collapsed. Likely, they couldn’t imagine that the towers could come down. It didn’t exist in our imagination.