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Too many clones

In response to the Sept. 6 letter from Mr. Knapp, which implied that an entire Congress of clones of Cathy McMorris “Rubber Stamp” Rodgers would solve all our problems: We already have more folks like her than we can afford. She has voted the party line her entire tenure. No thought, no investigation, no curiosity – just vote as she was instructed.

Remember her vote on CAFTA? One phone call from her boss was the only consideration that mattered. No thought given to all the folks who lost their jobs as a result. Her reward is a photo-op weekly. Like the day she stood behind Rep. Eric Cantor as he misinterpreted the Constitution. She did not listen to the nonsense by Cantor, just took her bow after he took his.

Our legislators are required to consider all information before voting. Taking an oath to Grover Norquist disqualifies that person from office, as they have sworn to ignore most solutions to any problem.

Ignore the partisan stuff – vote for a real person.

Charles Weber

Northport, Wash.


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