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New burglar in Liberty Lake

A new burglar is apparently moving into Liberty Lake to take advantage of all the open garages that are ripe for the picking. The city has been plagued off and on by garage burglars, but two incidents last week are not being caused by anyone the Liberty Lake Police Department has arrested recently for that crime.

“All the people we arrested prior are still in jail,” said police chief Brian Asmus.

Police got the first call at 6:35 a.m. on Sept. 5. A woman in the 23000 block of East Maxwell Avenue reported that she heard a noise in her garage and spotted a man standing there when she went to investigate. The man ran off and got into a white SUV with another man and drove away, Asmus said. Only two empty screw gun cases were missing.

Later that same morning a resident in the 23000 block of East Colleen Court called to report that someone had gone inside their open garage and stolen various items from the garage and the cars parked inside it. The items missing include a fishing pole, a garage door opener, a digital camera and a stereo. Police believe the two thefts are related, Asmus said.

The rest of the week from Sept. 5 to Monday was fairly quiet, but police did re-arrest a man for burglary. Christopher W. Alldritt, 23, was arrested at his Liberty Lake apartment in April on suspicion of a felony second-degree burglary after police identified him as a suspect in a burglary at Allsport. A warrant was recently issued for his arrest after he failed to show for a court date, Asmus said. When police saw the warrant, they went back to the same apartment where Alldritt was found in April. “He was home,” Asmus said.

Other arrests for the week include a warrant for driving with a suspended license, a reckless driving and a domestic violence assault.

During the week officers handed out two traffic citations for parking on a bike path, 11 for speeding and two for failure to wear a safety belt. Additional citations were given for license and plates required, failure to show proof of liability insurance, defective muffler, failure to yield on a left turn, riding on the outside of a vehicle and driving with wheels off the road.