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Sat., Sept. 17, 2011

Government pricing is right

Cathy McMorris Rodgers said for a recent article, “Constituents told her they want less government involvement in the economic recovery.” I think it is important to translate conservatives’ words as we face crumbling infrastructures, budget-restricted educational systems and widespread corporate deception and corruption.

Let’s consider government spending, borrowing and regulation: Business knows it is critical to spend and borrow to accomplish its goals. Government does, too. Taxes we pay to government are like the “retail price” we pay to business, though taxpayers have some say in setting the “price” for the goods and services.

Personally, I have never felt government has taken advantage of me through its pricing structure. As I walk through government office buildings (ones paid for with only tax dollars), I have not seen evidence of excess. Not true for most corporate offices. Maybe with some consumer say (government oversight) in corporate pricing, we wouldn’t have out-of-control corporate salaries and perks.

Likewise, we wouldn’t be paying “idiotic” prices for retail goods and services (as related to production costs).

Government should not be meddling in business affairs, and they don’t … until it is necessary (financial meltdown, oil/mining disasters, food poisonings, antitrust issues).

Allen Kohler


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