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Sat., Sept. 17, 2011

Paul stands tall

The top contenders in the GOP presidential race will likely fade as Rudy Giuliani did in 2008 after the rank and file Republicans began to understand him. In 2012, globalist and Hillarycare supporter Rick Perry and Mitt Romney of Romneycare fame will also fade as they are figured out to be big government impostors.

America is in a mess today, and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, champion of the Constitution, will surface as America’s last hope.

Although the leadership of both parties has been corrupted by power, Americans of both parties who have the slightest knowledge of the Constitution will realize if we had followed the Constitution we wouldn’t be in the mess we are into today.

In 2008, Ron Paul swept the Spokane County GOP Convention because he proved to be a man of integrity, a combination of Thomas Jefferson and the Prophet Jeremiah, a Christian who doesn’t wear his Christianity on his sleeve, an intellectual, an economist, an author, a veteran, a medical doctor, a family man without any baggage, a longtime congressman and the true representative of those of us who still believe in freedom.

Rob Chase

Liberty Lake

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