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Sat., Sept. 17, 2011

Seniors routinely ignored

Seems like we are suffering one catastrophe after another in this country, from weather-related to crippling unemployment, but one catastrophe our president and legislators seem to sweep under the rug is adequate compensation for seniors.

We didn’t cause the recession like the banking industry did, therefore we got no stimulus. We also got no raises for two years. Our country’s first in line to help foreign countries with aid that will never be paid back, but we seniors’ cry in the wilderness is shamefully ignored in these trying times of super inflation.

Many of us men and women feel totally ignored by our country’s lawmakers and president. We were there when you needed us from the man with the rifle to Rosie the Riveter.

We spend billions being the policemen for the world. Isn’t about time we remember the generation of grandpas and grandmas whose “blood, sweat and tears” helped to save our country and the world?

Yes, Mr. President and legislators, I’m talking to you – please heed our pleas!

James A. Nelson


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