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Think you were following the news closely last week? Try your hand at this week’s quiz. Or, for a chance at lunch for two at the Davenport Hotel, try the longer, interactive version at spokesman. com

1. Texas Gov. Rick Perry was criticized by rival Republican candidates last week for requiring what vaccination for schoolchildren?

A. Hepatitis B

B. Human papillomavirus

C. Whooping cough

D. Rubella

E. Smallpox

2. IBM’s supercomputer Watson was given a task last week. What was it?

A. Returning to “Jeopardy” for the tournament of champions

B. Monitoring the latest NASA mission to map the gravitational forces of the moon

C. Diagnosing medical problems for an insurance company

D. Tracking terrorist communications on the Internet

E. Designing plays for the Cougars

3. Guatemalans voted for a new president last week but will need a November runoff because no candidate got the 50 percent needed to win. Who finished first in the voting?

A. Otto Perez Molina

B. Alvaro Colom

C. Manuel Baldizon

D. Eduardo Suger

E. Mariano Rivera

4. Spokane County commissioners approved a new ordinance requiring children between ages 3 and 15 to wear helmets when biking or skateboarding. What’s the penalty for disobeying?

A. A $10 fine for the child

B. A $10 fine for the parents

C. A mandatory safety class for the children

D. A five-day window to get a helmet or pay a $25 fine

E. A good talking-to


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