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From our archives, 100 years ago

A “society and club woman” from the Manito neighborhood visited an aged former neighbor at the Spokane County Poorhouse in Spangle – and was appalled by what she found.

• “Bugs and vermin could be swept from the walls by dustpanfuls … patients were infested with these pests.”

• “The food was sparse and poorly cooked and the inmates of the house told me the meat was spoiled and not fit for turkey buzzards.”

• The only “medical” person on staff was “an ex-druggist who serves the purpose of nurse and doctor for everyone.”

• “The tubercular patients are kept in a ward upstairs, but they sit on a balcony and cough and spit over a banister.”

A state inspector had visited recently, but had somehow seen only the cleanest parts of the place.

The Manito woman went out with brushes and disinfectant for a day and tried to clean the place up, but that was only a start. A group of Manito “club women” said they were headed back out in the coming week to continue the cleanup. They also alerted the county commissioners. The women said they “have made up their minds” to get results.

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