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The Slice: Readers spoke – we listened

Let’s start with a batch of Spokabulary from D. Neil Fitzgerald:

SpoCannabis – popular smoke.

SpoCanard – the cops explaining the latest fatality.

SpoCanaanite – early Jewish resident.

SpoCanasta – local version of a card game.

SpoCandor – lost local attribute.

SpoCanine – dog days.

SpoCanoodle – making out.

SpoCantakerous – irritable resident.

Bill Drew was going to weigh in on “Spokannibal” but then discovered that a roller derby team has used that name.

Tomas Lynch mentioned Spokanada, Spokangeles and Spokanistan.

Dana Freeborn said a city resident could be called a Spokaniac.

James Colquhoun suggested “Spokancel” might be a special form of postal processing.

And Scott Walker wrote, “Spokancel is what you do to the newspaper when you find out they want to start charging you extra for the TV guide.”

Slice answers: “I know what happened to my seventh-grade boyfriend – he’s dead,” wrote a Slice reader named Nancy. “Thanks for reminding me how grateful I am that I didn’t end up with him.”

Sue Plummer didn’t have a boyfriend in seventh grade. “But nine years after eighth-grade graduation from Adams Elementary School, I married my eighth-grade boyfriend,” she wrote.

They have been married 41 years.

Sunday contest winner: Lots of Slice readers knew that 1978’s “Heaven Can Wait” is the movie in which the Los Angeles Rams win the Super Bowl.

Randy Schwaegler is the randomly selected winner of the reporter’s notebook. “I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I watched that movie on HBO growing up,” he wrote.

After Monday’s Slice: A number of readers told of having covers for their recycle bins. Among them was Sue Gordon. Her 93-year-old dad, Walter Heitstuman, made her one out of wood that fits securely over all four sides.

Today’s Slice question: Issues relating to the fridge at your workplace force you to conclude what about people?

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