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Bloom wants her act to speak for itself

Camille Bloom added classical and jazz to her latest album, “Never Out of Time.”
Camille Bloom added classical and jazz to her latest album, “Never Out of Time.”

Pop-princess caricatures, Auto-Tuned vocals, scantily clad bodies – the dominant images of women in music don’t have a whole lot do with the music.

And that’s why Camille Bloom is not a fan of female music festivals.

“It’s driving me nuts that we have to create something to showcase women in music,” the Seattle-by-way-of-Spokane singer-songwriter said during a telephone interview.

“I don’t want to play a women’s music festival. I want to play a music festival.”

Bloom said when she first starting touring, promoters wouldn’t take her seriously.

“It’s like I was just another girl with a guitar,” she said. “Ninety-two percent of the bookers are male, which I don’t mind, but when I tell them I’m touring solo acoustic they try to stick me in a coffee shop. I had to prove myself.”

On the verge of releasing her fourth album and readying for her fifth European tour, Bloom has taken her music from the coffee shop corners and has established herself as an artist whom promoters take seriously. 

Her latest album, last November’s “Never Out of Time,” shows Bloom stretching out stylistically, adding elements of classical and jazz to her edgy punk-pop-funk-folk signature style.

Bloom and her five-piece band expand on her 2010 “Sneak EP” by beefing up the songs with full instrumentation, in addition to the five brand-new cuts on the album.

Though Bloom’s band, The Recovery, includes cello and a backup singer along with lead guitar, bass and drums, she typically tours solo, occasionally flying in singer Gaelen Billingsley to join her on stage.

She will appear solo on Saturday at Nyne Bar & Bistro in Spokane.  

“I pondered making the next record acoustic because I tour so much in the states and in Europe solo,” Bloom said. “What I hope is that the show and the songwriting is strong enough and worthwhile for people to come and hear it in its raw essence.

“Plus I love to tell stories and give some insight to the audience. It’s like I’m on a date with the audience.”

“Never Out of Time” is more studio-ized than previous recordings, with add-ons such as glockenspiel, elaborate cello harmonies and heavy breathing.

Bloom paid for the record through online fundraising supported by fans, as her popularity continues to grow in the states as well as overseas.

Last year she received honorable mention for her song “Your Only Warning” in the International Songwriting Competition.

She was also crowned “Best Female Indie Artist” in the Ladylake Music Awards.


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