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From our archives, 100 years ago

Should Spokane’s mayor use the city’s police automobile as his personal taxi?

That question launched a nasty feud between Spokane’s Mayor Hindley and Police Commissioner Hayden.

It came to a head after an evening banquet in which Mayor Hindley called police headquarters and ordered up a ride from the police “greyhound” (slang for fast car).

Soon afterward, the police commissioner issued a new edict forbidding the use of the police auto for anything other than official business.

The mayor was incensed.

“When I have been downtown on official business, working 18 hours a day, I intend to (use the police auto), and I don’t give a durn who knows it,” said the mayor.

The commissioner shot back, “If the mayor wants to call attending a banquet city business, that’s for him. He’s the one to judge. … But I don’t like to have a chauffeur called up and ordered to bring the machine.”

The mayor said he needed a safe ride home because he had a “drawer full” of letters threatening his life. He said he did not “propose to jeopardize” his safety and would use whatever city machine was available.

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