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SATURDAY, SEPT. 24, 2011

Unions don’t create jobs

After spending a recent Sunday watching political debates on TV, I came away with the viewpoint: It’s “the same old, same old.” When a Democrat or union member spoke, it was always the same: “Raise taxes on the rich and/or create more jobs.” Question: How do you create a job? Jobs are developed with sound economic policies, not by raising taxes on a certain group of citizens.

I always end up thinking about a conversation with my mother. She was a cook or waitress all her life and a very strong union supporter. During World War II, the union membership voted her in as business agent for the cooks and waiters union.

During the aforementioned conversation she said: “Working people have to have a union to protect their rights; but the unions have gone too far.”

That conversation was in 1976!

Robert C. Sprint


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