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Sat., Sept. 24, 2011

Utilities are unaffordable

I received my city bill and for a 50-foot-wide lot it totaled $171.97, for water consumption $73.27 and $12.07 more for water service.

It is with much disregard that while Social Security benefits have not had an increase in two years, there is no stopping the City Council and mayor increasing the city’s benefits as some city workers claim they’re not getting rich.

The water increase has nothing to do with green or the environment, but is just another tax. They are bringing Spokane to brown, not green, a fitting match with their predecessors’ neglect over the years for our streets. I can look down my pothole street and within my view I see front lawns that are brown, and I cannot blame the owners. I imagine this will in the long run bring in less revenue to the city.

I remember in 1970 when my utility bill was around $10 or $15. The city is doing a worse job at $171.97. They don’t need to cut staff or service. They need to affix city employees’ wages and benefits to the private local business community. Actually, we need to privatize all city services.

James Allen


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