September 25, 2011 in Features

The Slice: Forgettable faces sound familiar?

By The Spokesman-Review

You are not alone.

Many of us have a difficult time recognizing people we encounter outside their usual contexts. I consider myself something of an expert on this. That’s because I get a fair number of “That guy seems familiar” glances that, in turn, force me to wonder if I know the person looking my way.

So perhaps it would help all of us to review what I call the 5 Stages of Do I Know You?

1. Denial — Nah, that can’t be my dentist wearing a shirt that says “I’ve fallen and can’t reach my beer.”

2. Anger — Darn! Why can’t I ever be sure about faces? Grrrrr.

3. Bargaining — I’ll make a deal with the gods of facial recognition. If I smile and she smiles back, we can start inching toward one another and maybe eventually one of us will remember a name.

4. Depression — Something is wrong with me. Every time I go out to get some milk, I see people I think I might know. But not everyone likes to be approached and informed that they are not especially memorable. So the best thing is to just stay in bed.

5. Acceptance — Maybe I have prosopagnosia, that syndrome where you can’t recognize faces. Or maybe my memory is shot. Whatever.

Today’s Spokabulary comes from Slice reader Pamela Stark: Spokandyland: Where old families of the area live who have already made their fortune.

Spokant: An overall feeling of malaise and inferiority to Seattle or anywhere else with fluoridated water.

Spokantucky: Duct tape fenders and garbage bags where once there were car windows.

Slice answer: When Ray Blowers was a Spokane Valley high school teacher there was stealing from the staff refrigerator. So one victim made a special batch of chocolate chip cookies to put in the fridge. These tempting treats featured a few rabbit droppings in with the chips.

And, yes, the cookies were swiped.

Today’s Slice question: Aren’t you proud to know social service volunteers who seldom mention their volunteering?

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