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Padden is ready to go

Some people claim it doesn’t matter who wins the race for the 4th District Senate seat – both are Republicans and their voting records would be rather similar. The issue this year should be experience, leadership and impact.

The state of Washington, like much of the country, is languishing in economic stagnation, high unemployment, declining housing market and the list goes on. This can be reversed and we have some inspiring examples in states like Wisconsin, New Jersey and Texas. The solution lies in cutting spending, lowering taxes, reducing onerous regulations and having the guts, know-how, courage and determination to push the legislation through.

Mike Padden is a former legislator who earned a reputation for being a master at the rules and strategy and very effective at using those skills to either get things done or to block bad legislation. He has also proven that he has the courage to stand up against his party if he disagrees and vote on his principles.

Padden doesn’t have to “find his voice” or “hit his stride” or “learn the system.” We need someone effective and we need that person now. I support Mike Padden because elections have consequences.

Sandy Brown

Spokane Valley


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