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Fri., Sept. 30, 2011

Palestinians unacceptable

The Palestinians are unfit to take their place among the nations of the world. They have repeatedly violated international law by committing genocide against Jews. Since the first Oslo peace accords were signed 20 years ago, the Palestinians have murdered and maimed thousands of Jewish men, women, children and infants. Genocide remains the official policy of the Palestinian government, as set forth in their constitution and the Hamas charter.

They are incapable of even getting along with their own Arab neighbors. In 1970, they were kicked out of Jordan for attempting to overthrow the government. In 1991, they were kicked out of Saudi Arabia for taking sides against Kuwait during the first Gulf War. Egypt built a massive wall on their border to keep them out.

American taxpayers have given the Palestinians billions of dollars in direct foreign aid. Under federal law, it is illegal to give money to terrorist organizations, such as the PLO and Hamas. It’s time to pull the plug and obey our own law.

The United Nations Security Council will always veto any General Assembly vote to reward Palestinian terrorists with their own state.

Philip Avnet


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