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ICAN helped me

I am a Ferris High School senior and an ICAN program graduate. I read a Feb. 24 article in The Spokesman-Review about how the ICAN program isn’t helping students. I don’t know if this program is effective for 100 percent of the students, but, without help from ICAN, there is no way I would be graduating on time.

I slacked off my freshman and sophomore years, but at the end of my junior year, I wanted to get back on track. My counselor told me that ICAN helps students retrieve credits from courses they took and failed.

I started going to ICAN about three weeks into the school year, completed four classes, and got caught up. If I had not found out about ICAN, there is no way I would be graduating in June.

Because of ICAN, I feel better about myself, and it has made me want to help other struggling students.

Currently, I am a teacher’s assistant for Toraj Farzana, my ICAN teacher. I want to be a part of the environment that helps students graduate, so I have made it my job to give the students in need the encouragement they need – just like I needed.

Justin Cady



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