April 1, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Take back our country


Have you noticed that gas prices are rising? Have you had an increase in your Internet/TV bill in the last six months? Have you had an increase in your prescription drug prices because the drug is moved up to the next tier and the cost triples or more?

This is all being done by people in high places who see the middle class, the poor and elderly as cash cows. The new budget from Rep. Paul Ryan will show you how this is done. It takes from the working people and gives to the rich, and it increases the deficit over 20 years.

What we have to do in the coming election is vote the Republicans, and their sidekicks from the tea party, out of office.

You can’t blame the president for what didn’t get done; blame the obstructionist Republicans, and in the next election vote your own best interests. Vote in the people who will get jobs in this country, not ship them overseas. Vote in people who will get us single-payer health care. Vote in people who will work for us, we the people, not we the corporation.

We have to take our country back!

Norm Ellefson


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