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Team St. Luke’s made area proud

While the past week has seen some disappointments in the collegiate basketball scene, one local team returned to Spokane on Sunday night as victors, having won the National Invitational Tournament at the United States Olympic Training Center sponsored by the National Wheelchair Basketball Association.

Team St. Luke’s defeated higher-seeded teams from Minneapolis, Madison, Wis., Hammond, Ind., and Grand Rapids, Mich., to win the tournament Saturday evening.

There was no media coverage to greet their return at the airport, but that did not affect the many team supporters who were there to cheer their arrival. Team St. Luke’s doesn’t have coaches paid six-figure salaries and nutrition coaches, and doesn’t fly on chartered aircraft.

Each year it struggles to raise sufficient money to buy its own equipment and cover travel expenses, but the collective heart that beats within this group of wonderful kids is every bit as strong as that within our highest-ranked local athletes.

This community should feel a great sense of pride in their achievement, the efforts of the adult coaches and team coordinators, and support our very successful local team. Three cheers for Team St. Luke’s.

Bruce E. Becker