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Here’s your chance to see how closely you followed the news last week. After warming up with our print version of the quiz, try your hand at the online version at spokesman. com/newsquiz, where you have a chance to win

a gift card to the Davenport Hotel or free movie tickets.

1. Former Vice President Dick Cheney was in the news last week because

A. He’s being considered as a possible veep on this year’s GOP ticket.

B. He’s being questioned by the Senate about the weapons of mass destruction claims leading up to the Iraq War.

C. He has a new book that reveals secrets about the Bush administration.

D. He had a heart transplant.

E. Can’t fool me. Former vice presidents never make news.

2. Gonzaga University’s last basketball game in the NCAA women’s tournament was against

A. Baylor

B. Connecticut

C. Kentucky

D. Notre Dame

E. Stanford

3. Pope Benedict XVI visited Mexico and what other country last week?

A. Cuba

B. El Salvador

C. Honduras

D. Brazil

E. Nicaragua

4. The Idaho House set aside $200,000 to

A. Challenge Obamacare

B. Hire its own lawyers

C. Refurbish members’ offices

D. Cover unexpected travel costs

E. Can’t fool me. The Idaho budget is so tight there isn’t $200,000 to spare.

5. Which Republican presidential candidate announced he was cutting back on his campaign but not dropping out?

A. Mitt Romney

B. Newt Gingrich

C. Rick Perry

D. Rick Santorum

E. Ron Paul


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