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Wed., April 4, 2012

Immigration wouldn’t help

Froma Harrop (March 24) refutes her own claim that a declining birth rate is OK for Japan. “Fewer people means more food, more housing, fewer cars and more open space.”

In the next paragraph, she notes that fewer births would mean fewer working people to pay for the increasing aging population. She suggests admitting more immigrants to help pay for retirees’ benefits. This solution is unpopular in America as well as Japan.

Immigrants don’t necessarily join the legitimate workforce. Many, instead, are employed in underground jobs. They are paid under the table and are not contributing to the retirees’ funds.

Robots as caregivers in nursing homes seem quite a stretch. This is the future she advocates.

Most people would reject her solution as unlikely and unworkable.

Antone Ornellas

Post Falls

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