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Minor events keep police busy in Liberty Lake

The week of March 27 to Tuesday was busy but uneventful in Liberty Lake, as police officers responded to a series of mostly minor calls. There were three arrests for driving with a suspended license and one Post Falls man was arrested on an escape warrant.

Two patrons of the Liberty Lake Athletic Club reported having their keys stolen on the same day, said Liberty Lake Police Department administrative assistant Bobbi Anderson. One of the victims also discovered his wallet and cash missing from his car. One set of keys was recovered in the parking lot.

A person reported receiving a fraudulent check for $1,300 as payment for an Apple computer. The case is under investigation. A marijuana pipe was found on the ground in Pavillion Park and was removed by an officer, Anderson said. A loud party in the Big Trout Lodge was reported to police.

An officer reportedly smelled marijuana coming from a car he pulled over for speeding. The driver said it may have been smoked by a friend and gave permission to search the car, Anderson said. The officer reportedly found a marijuana pipe in the car and a young child in the car said the pipe belonged to his mother, who was not in the car, Anderson said. The driver was not arrested.

During the week officers handed out four citations for failure to show proof of liability insurance, 12 for speeding and two for use of a cellphone. Additional citations were given for a commercial vehicle parked on a residential street, license and plates required, attachment of plate to vehicle, failure to stop/yield at an intersection and fourth-degree assault.

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