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Dystopia on the horizon

So, here we are. Soon to face the most important presidential election of our lives. Do we want to embrace the socialist utopia that this president, and the left in general, has always wanted? A utopia where we can’t afford to buy fuel to get to work, but we get free birth control?

A utopia where government hands out entitlements to those who don’t carry their own water, paid for by those who do? Where morons stand in the street protesting the free market system because working for a living is just too much like work?

Where the media can’t be trusted to not make up stories or change the details to fit the way they feel things should be?

I think this is the path we’re on. I think we’re going to make Greece look like they merely bounced a check. I think this is going to happen because we really aren’t any smarter today than we were four years ago.

Randall Jones

Newman Lake


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