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Fat cats pulling strings

I have been following the GOP presentation of bait and switch starring Larry, Curly, Moe and Harpo. None of this will generate a majority candidate. I believe this is how the fat cats in the backroom want it. They are engineering a brokered convention.

Then they go into the smoke-filled room and – bingo – they come out with what they hope is a winner: Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, with Rick Perry for VP. Or any two of the three.

Gone is the war on women, gone is bomb, bomb Iran, gone is $2.50 gasoline. Obama’s pre-planning is short-stopped. They are hoping that we will think how clever they have been, and think we’ll vote GOP.

Not gonna happen!

Jack E. Anderson

Nine Mile Falls

School levies crucial

I am writing to voice support for the Deer Park and Riverside school levies. They are crucial for our children’s future.

Not passing the levies means more than just losing the money generated locally. Our children will also lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in levy equalization funding, which attempts to ensure that every child – from Mercer Island to Elk – has a chance at the same opportunities.

Not passing the levies means that programs that enrich our children’s education, and help prepare them for college, are at risk of being eliminated. Things like foreign language, extracurricular programs, the arts and sports.

It is true that, as the Washington state Supreme Court ruled Jan. 5, the state has failed to fully fund basic education for years. I absolutely agree that it is irresponsible of the state to not fully fund education. However, until the state makes good on its commitment, our children are forced to rely heavily on levies.

We cannot afford for this country to become disadvantaged by not providing an appropriate education for all of our citizens. Please don’t penalize the children who are living under this system.

Lisa Snyder


Old Testament or Constitution?

I would like to pose a question to Nancy McLaughlin: When you campaigned for City Council, did you say “Vote for me and I will represent you,” or “Vote for me and I will impose my religious views on city government”?

If you represent the voice of your constituents, it would demonstratively and overwhelmingly have to be for equal rights.

I believe when you took office your oath was to uphold the Constitution, not the Old Testament.

Chris H. Miller


Double standards on violence

I don’t understand. Americans burned the Quran and there are riots. I saw on television Iraqis and Afghans burning our flag, also images of our president, as well as the cross, and I guess that is OK.

We are condemned because of waterboarding prisoners, but it’s acceptable to put an American in front of a camera and cut off his head. Some think holding prisoners in Guantanamo is wrong, but I remember Iran holding dozens of civilians hostage years ago. I hope the three hikers recently released haven’t been forgotten.

I agree the recent shootings of villagers by one of our soldiers is terrible. I see TV coverage of the uprising by the Afghans, then I think of all the bombings of other innocents by their own people again and again. I don’t understand.

Recent events in the Middle East, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria, to name a few, show how little life means. Many neighborhoods, villages and cities have been bombed, killing women and children, to prove this out. Still, we send our troops to an ungrateful population to bring peace to them.

President Hamid Karzai wants Americans out of Afghanistan. Does that mean our aid and our dollars also?

Jack M. Bean

Spokane Valley

Contaminating God’s creation

God said: “Let us make man in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” God blessed them and said unto them, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it.”

Surely dominion does not mean for us to contaminate, trash and destroy God’s creation.

Dominion means mankind is to manage the Earth and its resources like a garden. Taking care of our natural resources is an obligation we should honor whether we believe God created them or not. We are to be stewards over God’s creation.

But, with the nuclear era, we have failed in our God-given obligation, and are contaminating and destroying his creation. We are paying the ultimate price with sickness, catastrophes, contamination and death – the likes of which have never been seen before in the history of the world.

LaVerne Kautz

Ritzville, Wash.

Dystopia on the horizon

So, here we are. Soon to face the most important presidential election of our lives. Do we want to embrace the socialist utopia that this president, and the left in general, has always wanted? A utopia where we can’t afford to buy fuel to get to work, but we get free birth control?

A utopia where government hands out entitlements to those who don’t carry their own water, paid for by those who do? Where morons stand in the street protesting the free market system because working for a living is just too much like work?

Where the media can’t be trusted to not make up stories or change the details to fit the way they feel things should be?

I think this is the path we’re on. I think we’re going to make Greece look like they merely bounced a check. I think this is going to happen because we really aren’t any smarter today than we were four years ago.

Randall Jones

Newman Lake

Voters are complicit, too

Congratulations editorial board on two consecutive editorials. Your health care editorial (March 29) was right on. Your March 30 editorial explains why health care and other issues aren’t being taken care of: partisan fighting in both houses of Congress. You place most of the blame on Congress for the partisanship that leads to accomplishing little useful legislation. Don’t blame Congress. They are elected by us and are reflecting the partisanship that exists among the voting public.

We have become a very divided country over many years. Some reasons: fighting unfunded wars and passing unfunded programs resulting in huge national debts; President Ronald Reagan with his famous quote “government is the problem, not the solution to our problems”; Newt Gingrich with, “Democrats can’t be good Americans”; Grover Norquist twisting the arms of most Republicans for absolutely no new taxes, when it is evident that balancing the budget is a combination of more revenue and less spending.

Throw in energy development, global warming, fair share of taxes, and …

Couple the above problems with filling the airwaves with vitriolic, one-sided talk shows since elimination of the “Fairness Doctrine” in the 1980s, and we set the stage for bitter partisanship.

Theodore W. Shepard

Spokane Valley

Bills disrespect women

The Idaho Senate recently passed a bill forcing women to undergo an ultrasound examination before having an abortion. State Sen. Diane Bilyeu, D-Pocatello, who is anti-abortion herself, found the bill to be “intrusive into my faith and it is punitive as a woman.”

I am appalled as a human being that such an unnecessary, offensive procedure be forced upon a woman facing an already difficult personal decision. How disrespectful of women!

During the past several months, over 1,000 bills have been proposed in state legislatures all over the country that want to regulate female reproduction. Dominated by my male gender, these legislators are almost entirely Republicans who constantly rail against such government intrusions in our lives. How hypocritical. And Rush’s “slut” comment only adds fuel to what appears to be a Republican war on women’s rights.

Consider this when you vote this fall.

Gene Volland

Spokane Valley

Autism causes important

Who sees the potential implications of the staggering new autism case statistics (“CDC: Autism more prevalent,” March 30)? Now, 1 in 88 children – and five times as many boys as girls. At this level of incidence, the larger population is affected. Boys are having serious problems at school – their high school and college graduation rates are falling off a cliff.

A common symptom is some form of emotional meltdown, which can mean leaving abruptly, crying or cursing and smashing things (or people). How do we handle that on a national level? What do we do when they all grow up?

Hypersensitivity to tastes, textures, odors and temperature makes meal planning a nightmare. Not just “I don’t like peas,” but gagging or throwing up with one whiff. Try planning a big holiday dinner with three or four family members who all have different symptoms.

And genius? Oh yes, but often narrowly focused brilliance that needs to be individually nurtured. They can make enormous contributions for the greater good.

Those of us with autism in our families live with these issues daily. We can’t be afraid to look for the real causes – no matter which corporations’ bottom lines are affected.

Lucy Jeanne

Deer Park

Put casino elsewhere

Let’s address some simple facts about a Spokane Indian Tribe casino and keeping Fairchild Air Force Base. The flight path is the route the plane takes when it is approaching the landing field. A high-population density parcel on the flight path will lend itself to a higher chance of a crash killing people on the ground.

Do you remember the B-52 crash 25 years ago? Crashed into an empty field. High-density parcels will be a negative decision criterion for an Air Force base alignment committee. The Spokane Tribe needs to look at other locations. Its proposed casino is going to increase the population density. Look at the FAFB pattern map.

The Spokane Tribe should buy the Ridpath Hotel or Playfair land and open the casino. Since the Kalispels opened the door for a non-reservation land casino, isn’t downtown more economically viable than out in Airway Heights? Our area is all ancestral hunting land. Why not make this a win-win and place the casino in another location and not have it in the flight path of FAFB traffic? Reducing one more negative decision criteria for the base alignment committee?

Chip Magnuson

Four Lakes


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