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Sun., April 8, 2012

School levies crucial

I am writing to voice support for the Deer Park and Riverside school levies. They are crucial for our children’s future.

Not passing the levies means more than just losing the money generated locally. Our children will also lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in levy equalization funding, which attempts to ensure that every child – from Mercer Island to Elk – has a chance at the same opportunities.

Not passing the levies means that programs that enrich our children’s education, and help prepare them for college, are at risk of being eliminated. Things like foreign language, extracurricular programs, the arts and sports.

It is true that, as the Washington state Supreme Court ruled Jan. 5, the state has failed to fully fund basic education for years. I absolutely agree that it is irresponsible of the state to not fully fund education. However, until the state makes good on its commitment, our children are forced to rely heavily on levies.

We cannot afford for this country to become disadvantaged by not providing an appropriate education for all of our citizens. Please don’t penalize the children who are living under this system.

Lisa Snyder


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