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That’s News to you answers

Here are the answers to this week’s print edition of That’s News to You.

1. A. Castro declared this Good Friday a state holiday. The day wasn’t a traditional holiday in pre-Castro Cuba or elsewhere in North America; a decision on whether it will be a permanent holiday in Cuba hasn’t been made.

2. C. The Public Facilities District may have crossed the line in describing Measure 1, a proposal to extend a tax to expand some of its properties. It may have moved from explanation, which is allowed for a government agency, to advocacy, which is not.

3. E. The Transition, which seats two, has wings that fold down and flies at low levels. It will be available next year for a list price of about $279,000.

4. C. Sales of lamb jump 50 percent in the week before Easter and Passover, and about 20 percent of all lamb is sold in that period.

5. B. The rumor was that he’d replace Lauer; the reality announced last week on the “Today” show was that he’ll be part of the crew covering the Olympics.

On the Web: Now that you’ve warmed up your quiz-sense, try your luck at the online version of That’s News to You, which can be found at href=” /newsquiz.”> /newsquiz.

Top contestants qualify for a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel. All contestants this week will qualify for three drawings for a pair of tickets to the next home game for the Spokane Shock.

Last week’s winners were Marlene Carbis, of Spokane, who won the gift card to the Davenport, and James Martin, of Spokane, who won free tickets to Regal movie theaters.

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