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That’s NEWS to you

Test your knowledge of the news by taking this week’s edition of our That’s News to You quiz. You can also try the online version of the quiz at www. newsquiz for a chance to win

a gift card to

The Davenport Hotel or tickets to the Spokane Shock.

1. What did Raul Castro do to honor Pope Benedict XVI after the pope visited Cuba?

A. He declared Good Friday a national holiday.

B. He lifted the national ban on religion.

C. He allowed the cathedral in Havana to reopen.

D. He went to the Mass the pope celebrated.

E. He gave the pope a box of Cuban cigars from his private stash.

2. What local government entity is suspected of violating state campaign law for a recent mailing?

A. The Spokane mayor’s office

B. The Spokane Valley City Council

C. The Spokane Public Facilities District

D. The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

E. Can’t fool me. None of our local government entities would ever run afoul of campaign laws.

3. A Massachusetts company has developed a new car called the Transition with a special feature. What is it?

A. It runs on steam.

B. It has three wheels.

C. It only seats one person.

D. It’s made completely of plastic.

E. It flies.

4. Sales of what meat jumped dramatically in the United States as they do every year at this time?

A. Beef

B. Chicken

C. Lamb

D. Pork

E. Turkey

5. Ryan Seacrest will be joining NBC to

A. Replace Matt Lauer on the “Today” show.

B. Cover the 2012 Olympics.

C. Host a new reality show.

D. Star in a new prime-time comedy.

E. Be part of the “Saturday Night Live” cast.

Want to know how you did? Turn to page B7.