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Council should skip issue

A resolution regarding marriage equality in Washington state is currently in circulation, with a proposed debate and vote on Monday by the Spokane City Council.

Recommendation: Spokane City Council table this resolution.

It is not an obligation or responsibility of the City Council.

The state Legislature has already passed the measure and the governor has signed it into law. Since this issue may reach the November general election ballot as a referendum and initiative, council members will have the same opportunities as all other citizens in voting on these matters.

Council members have the same rights as other citizens to speak out in forums, debates, or in printed pieces without the need for a council resolution.

Council members will have obligations and responsibilities that may involve controversy in our community that require debate and vote.

There is no reason for the City Council to expend political capital or good will on issues that are not in their jurisdiction.

I urge each member of the Spokane City Council to consider the above recommendations regarding marriage equality and any other issue that does not involve their jurisdiction.

David Wallace



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