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The Slice: A prescription for ignorance?

By The Spokesman-Review
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Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist.
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Seeing as how Spokane is a regional medical center, does that mean our city is also a hotbed of people ignoring their doctors’ advice?

Seems like you can’t have one without the other.

Slice answer: “I’m not sure if it’s the best way or worst way of dealing with baldness but several years ago my husband just shaved his head and got it over with,” wrote Darleen Beedy. “He had decided it wasn’t worth the time trying to style those sparse hairs.”

A few friends who had not seen him for awhile assumed he was undergoing treatment for cancer. But for the most part, he’s quite comfortable with his “Mr. Clean” look, said Beedy.

Feedback: The warm-up question about how many men fantasize about shooting a burglar prompted a note from Mary Teresa True. “Usually you ask pretty funny and fun questions, however today was uncalled for! In light of the news lately, both locally and nationally, allowing people to fantasize about shooting someone is unbelievable!”

Others objected to the fact that I burdened the question with a gender restriction. “Not only men fantasize about shooting a burglar,” wrote a reader named Sharon, who said she is ready to aim and fire.

And after mentioning possible Slice reader-interactive experiences for this summer, I heard from Karen Mobley.

“I’m all in for Insectfest if you decide to do it,” she wrote.

When she was a child, she had a pet grasshopper. But once, when she was letting the insect get a little indoor exercise, the family’s black cat spotted it.

The cat, named Little John Henry after a character in a song, lunged at Mobley’s companion bug.

In the parlance of Mobley’s youth, the feline “eated” the insect.

“I have been hoping for another pet grasshopper ever since.”

For those keeping score at home: So how many times have I quoted city arts director Karen Mobley in The Slice? According to the S-R’s electronic archives, the answer is 31.

But The Slice started in 1992 and Mobley didn’t move to Spokane until 1997, so I’m sure she is not even in the Top 20 when it comes to lifetime column appearances.

Today’s Slice question: How did you/will you note turning 30?

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