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Wed., April 18, 2012

Portrayal of city hypocritical

The local media portray Spokane as a community that welcomes freedom of speech, supports equality, and abhors discrimination; hardly a reflection of reality and very hypocritical.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day the media extols the community’s “solidarity” against discrimination while the community honors those whose actions have made discrimination and racial profiling the law concerning employment, promotions and admission to educational opportunities, except in sports where ability trumps the race card.

Our community ostracizes politically incorrect or personally offensive free speech.

Some media make fun of those who oppose school bonds and levies, while supporting such taxes for the good of the kids. The fact that bonds and levies support educational, racial, social and economic discrimination is never presented.

The fact that funding basic education is a state, not local, responsibility is not made clear to voters. Neither is the fact that many supporting local taxation personally benefit from taxpayers funding the educational-industrial complex.

The media should examine their actions supporting racial, social and economic discrimination when they present issues to voters.

Citizens may want to think carefully before supporting parades and taxes that encourage intolerance and educational, racial, social and economic discrimination.

John Axtell

Valley, Wash.

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