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Wed., April 18, 2012

Wrong health care Rx

I am for national health care, with a minimum coverage for all citizens. Citizens could also buy private coverage to increase coverage. However, this would be a program run by the government, and supported by taxes.

The “Obamacare” individual mandate forces you to buy a private product, or pay a fine and still have nothing. In law, everything sets precedents. If the government can force you to buy one private product, what would stop them from forcing you to buy others?

The argument “everyone needs health care sometime” doesn’t make sense. It’s like saying everyone needs transportation, so everyone must buy a car, or you pay a fine and walk. Or everyone has to die sometime, so you have to buy burial insurance, or you pay a fine and we donate your body to science.

The other mandates are within the powers of Congress to levy taxes, or regulate industries or commerce. The Obamacare mandate does neither. Most of the rest of the law regulates an industry, so it should be fine.

But I could be wrong. If so, start looking at burial insurance.

Jon Stanescu Sprague, Wash.

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