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Fri., April 20, 2012

Don’t draw extreme conclusions

I want to do my part to help The Spokesman-Review remain a relevant and vital part of Spokane life, as it has for so many years. Especially since so many newspapers have fallen by the wayside, it is my opinion that I need to address both the issue of your financial well-being, and the ridiculous “grandma over the cliff” type of cartoon you published recently.

As a serious paper, you do irreparable harm to your reputation with the political extremism displayed in that cartoon. The vast majority of the public knows and understands that neither political party really wants to throw grandma over the cliff, just as, for instance, the vast majority does not believe President Barack Obama hates his country.

I also believe that the climate in our nation’s Capitol is so strained that it impairs our leaders from doing the right thing in Congress. You are not helping that issue, but in fact are contributing to it with ridiculous cartoons depicting either side as being radically “out there.”

That not only serves no public good, but you are hurting our paper. Our community needs The Spokane-Review to remain relevant and financially viable. Stick to publishing the kind of news and commentary that is relevant for a given subject.

Political commentary is certainly welcome, but not extreme, radical trash dictated to the press by either election committee. You are a better paper than that.

Bruce Bruscia

Medical Lake

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