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The Slice: Give us your best Earthy lyrics

We all know why Earth Day hasn’t caught on to a greater extent.

No memorable songs.

So here on Earth Day Eve, let’s consider what to do about that. As actually composing a song is hard, let’s just steal a few.

Perhaps we should begin by hijacking Christmas tunes.

Here comes Earth Day

Here comes Earth Day

Right down Earth Day Lane


All I want for Earth Day

Is my two front teeth


Grandma got run over by an environmentalist

Walking home from our house Earth Day Eve


It’s beginning to look a lot like Earth Day

Everywhere you go

Or maybe we could just borrow, say, a dozen song titles.

1. “A Hard Earth Day’s Night.” 2. “Earth Day Tripper.” 3. “Eight Earth Days a Week.” 4. “(You Say It’s Your) Earth Day.” 5. “Earth Daydream Believer.” 6. “One Fine Earth Day.” 7. “Wasted Earth Days and Wasted Nights.” 8. “Night and Earth Day.” 9. “Six Earth Days on the Road.” 10. “Rainy Earth Day People.” 11. “Those Were the Earth Days.” 12. “Rainy Earth Days and Mondays.”

That doesn’t grab you? Well, how about rewriting some celebrated movie lines.

“Go ahead, make my Earth Day.”

“Carpe diem. Seize the Earth Day, boys.”

“Good Earth Day…I said good Earth Day, sir.”

“After all, tomorrow is another Earth Day.”

No? OK, well, let’s try some tweaked film titles.

1. “Terminator 2: Judgment Earth Day.” 2. “Groundhog Earth Day.” 3. “Ferris Bueller’s Earth Day Off.” 4. “Dog Earth Day Afternoon.” 5. “The Remains of the Earth Day.” 6. “The Longest Earth Day.” 7. “The Earth Day the Earth Stood Still.” 8. “Earth Day of the Dead.” 9. “Earth Days of Thunder.” 10. “Earth Days of Wine and Roses.” 11. “Seven Earth Days in May.” 12. “Bad Earth Day at Black Rock.” 13. “Long Earth Day’s Journey Into Night.” 14. “Three Earth Days of the Condor.” 15. “Earth Day Girls are Easy.” 16. “Around the World in 80 Earth Days.”

Feel free to let me know what I overlooked.

Today’s Slice question: What are you waiting for someone to invent?

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