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Sat., April 21, 2012

Warming is cyclical

Amy Goodman (April 13) uses March U.S. national temperature averages to justify her agenda about global warming, and then to criticize Republicans, although she does criticize the president as well. But, there are problems with her facts.

She uses regional averages that, in the case of the continental United States, were above normal. Iowa was the warmest above-average place on Earth. She did not mention that the most significant below-average temperature was also in the United States: Alaska. Hawaii was near average. Hot spots are normal; it was just our turn last month.

She also fails to mention that the global average temperatures for January and February were cooler than the 30-year average by about the same degree as was March’s increase.

I don’t deny global warming, but from my research, I see it as a historic natural cycle. But I would not disregard inconvenient facts to the contrary, especially if I was a nationally syndicated columnist.

Daniel Cole


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