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Casino critics off the mark

While driving today, I was assaulted by a vitriolic opinion piece from the opponents of the Spokane Tribe Economic Project. I take issue on several points:

1. If your personal beliefs are anti-gaming, don’t participate! I don’t eat sushi, but I don’t sully the reputation of sushi restaurant owners. I just don’t participate. Same can be said for bars; I choose not to drink; therefore, I don’t frequent bars.

2. The Spokane Tribe is a good corporate citizen, and should be recognized as such. Members gladly give to charities and work to help their people be self-sufficient. Why the personal attacks on their character?

3. The other casinos they own are an hour away. That isn’t relevant to this discussion.

4. STEP creates an influx of 5,000 jobs, construction and full time, from private investment! We all celebrated, and rightfully so, when Caterpillar came to Spokane; how can we not celebrate this investment into our region?

Please visit the websites and to research this project before buying into the rhetoric that is being spread by a very vocal, well-funded few.

Sheri Johnson

Tri-Chair, Friends of STEP



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