April 22, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Goodman omits details


Amy Goodman (April 6) did not mention the following information from the Daily White Plains in her column:

• “A hatchet appeared in the crack between the door and hallway … an officer was able to pull the weapon out of the man’s hands.”

• “As officers were backing away from Chamberlain, police said he turned towards an officer with a knife in his hand, prompting the officer to shoot two rounds from his revolver, which knocked Chamberlain to the ground.”

• “Chamberlain collapsed on the ground and ‘continued to slash away at officers’ who tried to give him CPR and then he attempted to cut his own throat …”

• “Once the knife was taken away from Chamberlain, emergency medical responders tended to him …”

• “Chamberlain was known to the department before his fatal encounter with officers …”

• “… the officer is an eight-year veteran of the department who has never before fired his gun in the line of duty.”

By leaving out this information, she is able to slant the story. Goodman, a liberal progressive (meaning she is far left), has won many awards for her investigative reporting. I hope they were based on all the facts and unbiased, unlike this article.

Karen Lindstrom

Otis Orchards

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