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Health care a government duty

As a former registered nurse previously denied health insurance or affordable premiums, I am keenly interested in positive changes to America’s health care delivery, affordability and accessibility.

Uninsured college students, underemployed, unemployed, self-employed, widowed, and those earning enough to pay bills but unable to afford health insurance are among nearly 50 million Americans who lack affordable health care coverage or care. What we have is health care rationing, with approximately 45,000 Americans dying yearly as a result. The United States ranks 46th in infant mortality, 28th in longevity, and has the most expensive health care.

The current health care system is not the answer. It is, for many, unaffordable. Nor do I believe it is the responsibility of business alone, if at all, to provide health care coverage to all Americans; it is the responsibility of a sane and civilized government. Serious study of various systems of other nations paired with American creativity and innovation can remedy this.

Fair, affordable, universal health care should be a citizens’ and government priority.

Kathy Heinzen

Bayview, Idaho


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