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Sun., April 22, 2012

League’s role clarified

The April 12 editorial (“Initiative process needs improvement”), which mentions the League of Women Voters, contains an inaccuracy and incomplete information.

The current proposed changes to the city of Spokane’s initiative process that are outlined in the editorial are not “recommendations from the League of Women Voters.” For the most part, the changes were first proposed by a City Council member in 2009.

The League was asked by the City Council in 2009 to select, convene and facilitate a diverse task force of up to 15 citizens (not League members) to discuss and to try to come to consensus on the changes proposed at that time (Ordinance 34510). Task force selection was by advertising and by application of interested citizens.

With a short timeline, four intense meetings were held. There was little consensus among the task force members. The League duly reported the results to the council, noting where there was agreement among the members of the task force, and where there were areas of conflict. The League has not reviewed the initiative procedures, and has taken no position, in favor or against, any of the proposed changes.

Ann Murphy

League of Women Voters & I&R Task Force Lead


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