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Sun., April 22, 2012, midnight

Stick to city business

The idea of the City Council taking a position on gay marriage is puzzling. Responses such as Chris Miller’s (April 8) to Nancy McLaughlin’s comments on this issue are mind-boggling. McLaughlin simply said taking a position on same-sex marriage was inappropriate for the City Council. She is absolutely right.

The City Council has no authority or reason to take positions on issues of sexuality or marriage. That means that any position they have is simply personal opinion, and has nothing to do with their position in city government.

Where one stands on same-sex relationships is determined by one’s personal worldview and moral beliefs. It follows that those on the council who want to make this an issue are using their position to push personal agendas that are not only outside their authority, but seem clearly to be imposing moral beliefs on others. Isn’t this what is supposed to be unconstitutional?

It is the exact opposite of what Miller contends about McLaughlin. I suggest the council stick to city business. The pothole season is upon us. Maybe that should be a priority.

Jim Becker


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