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The Slice: Hey ‘Hon,’ hand us that trophy

Maybe it’s nuts to view it as a competition.

And perhaps winning is not an unalloyed triumph.

But I’m guessing that the Spokane area has a higher percentage of women who can call a stranger “Hon” without sounding silly or affected than one would find in Seattle or Portland.

Today’s new “Go” expression: After watching the Spokane River, Owen Fullmer proposed “Go Falls!”

Slice answer: Brandon McNamee said a kid hearing “Get off my lawn” should claim to be wearing special yard-aerating shoes.

Temporary insanity in little boys caused by watching “The Adventures of Superman”: That old TV series inspired more than a few kids to see if they could fly, myself included. (More about that on The Slice Blog.) To my knowledge, none succeeded.

But Johnny Lee Achziger tried something else. His attempt to harness a superpower came after watching an episode in which Superman used mind over matter to enter a crook’s lead-lined concrete bunker without forcing his way in.

“I stood in front of a wall and tried to will myself through the wall,” Achziger wrote. “For days and days, I kept trying.”

For some reason, it didn’t work.

“Fortunately, no one ever noticed me. Or, if they did, they didn’t say anything.”

Feedback: “I read the end note in your column and it reminded me of my mom,” wrote Jerry Birr. “She was a naturalized citizen, born in Canada, and she always told me that the reason she finally became a citizen of the U.S. was to veto my dad’s vote. She always smiled when she would tell me this.”

Re: Tuesday’s Slice: Margie Teman noted that reruns of classic TV Westerns are still on cable and that people, including her soon-to-be 90 dad, watch them. A lot. When individually visiting their beloved father, Teman and her siblings have been known to send out a text to family that says “Guess what we are doing?”

One way Spokane has not changed: “You can still buy souvenirs from Expo ’74 at White Elephant,” wrote Shannon Harader.

Today’s Slice question: What taught you to savor every day?

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