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The Slice: What’s white on the patio may prove to be wrong

Steve the shop cat clocks in early and leaves late.
Steve the shop cat clocks in early and leaves late.

If you had it to do over again, would you not choose white patio furniture?

Let’s move on.

Slice answer: “Our friend, Julie, says ‘Shut up!’ when someone sneezes,” wrote Karyn Christner. “I know it doesn’t sound funny, but it really is.”

The Inland Northwest cat that gets the most rest: “Our son, Marty Stromberger, has the laziest cat around,” wrote Arlene Stromberger. “Steve the shop cat lives in Marty’s shop and sleeps and eats all the time. He was a stray rescued by Marty last year when he came around looking for food. He had lost about half of his fur and was so skinny because he was malnourished. Marty took him in and now he’s the most grateful, thankful and friendliest cat.”

If you would like to meet Steve the feline, you could stop by Stromberger Performance, an auto speciality shop in Spokane Valley. But chances are he’ll be taking a nap.

What Slice readers are waiting for someone to invent: “Self-cleaning flooring,” wrote Lory Buckner.

Val Pember would like to see a solar powered system of under-the-pavement heating coils to keep ice from forming on highways.

Leonna Bowers said transporters like the ones in “Star Trek” would make it easier to convince her husband to take trips.

“Freeze dried I.P.A for backpacking,” said Rick Shaffer, referring to a style of ale.

And noting that some people really do need decent-sized trucks, Bruce Werner said it would be nice if a 4x4 ¾-ton crew cab pickup got great gas mileage.

Local affinity groups/special recognition: Dorothy Tait said there should be some sort of salute for those wearing a donor T-shirt from the Inland Northwest Blood Center.

Lisa Hooke thinks those who worked at Senor Froggy over the years should be entitled to recognition, a free order of sweet potato fries perhaps.

Today’s Slice question: What aspects of your lifestyle are most at odds with prevailing Spokane stereotypes?

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