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Sat., April 28, 2012

Court is politicized

In 1789, our amazing founding fathers created the Supreme Court. They established a group of nonpartisan, fair-minded, intelligent individuals to balance the powers of the president and Congress and to hand down educated and impartial decisions on behalf of citizens in line with the Constitution.

Well look what we’ve come down to: a group of political hacks in the Supreme Court that ruled corporations are individuals. They purposely opened the door to allow the ultra-wealthy to buy elections with large donations.

Now this nonsense of opposing national health care is before this partisan Supreme Court; this nonsense that no other federal program has been mandated. Well, what about Social Security and Medicare?

Let me give you an indisputable fact. With luck, everyone is going to get old, and old is no picnic! Thank God and President Franklin Roosevelt for Social Security. This Supreme Court probably would have ruled against it!

Let’s hope this Supreme Court finally embraces nonpartisan fair-mindedness and rules in favor of health care for all U.S. citizens, regardless of pre-existing conditions or economic status. It’s necessary.

Sally Jackson


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