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His word does not change

Shawn Vestal, April 18, certainly showed his “hatred” for anyone opposing homosexual marriage. I am glad that some Bible believers were at the Spokane City Council meeting to rightly say that God does love sinners. That is why Jesus Christ died on the cross.

Last week, I stood in a public place for five hours getting signatures on Referendum 74 to let Washington state’s citizens vote on this issue. A few people said hateful, filthy things to me. Homosexuals certainly do not believe that God loves me, though I am also a sinner, but saved by His grace.

God is not mocked by Vestal’s mocking words. If need be, we his people will be mocked now, and we are willing to accept that.

Societies always change. But God and His word do not change. And God has made a remedy for sin at very high cost to himself. He did this because his character is love. From people this requires humility and repentance.

In the whole council of God there is also coming a day of accounting and of God’s wrath upon mankind. This is why Christians fervently preach and pray for the salvation of lost people.

Suzanne Nyberg



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