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Aquatic center would be ideal

Once again the opportunity presents itself for our community to have an aquatic sports and fitness center. The Valley Library is proposing a new location on Sprague Avenue and Herald Road next to Balfour Park, but requires only 4 acres of the 8. A public indoor aquatic center would make the remaining 4 acres a real community center.

It occurs to me the entire community should partake in such an endeavor. There must be some adjusting in our American way of life – now is the hour. All businesses would be required to make the facility a reality. The opportunities are limitless. Upkeep is an ongoing responsibility and must be shared. We, citizens, “give” to our local businesses; it is time they return the service. What an inspiration for our city, county, state!

Obesity is at an all-time high; current reports are that two-thirds of people are overweight.

Swimming is an activity for all ages and physical needs. Water sports are fun and healthy. Schools must be a big part of the center – hence a 50-meter competition pool and a 25-yard aerobic pool for exercise and swim lessons. No toys – there are enough at our parks.

Consider the local excitement to have a swim team, synchronized swimming, water polo teams in our schools.

City Council, you owe it to us to make this happen, and folks, if our homes and community are important to you, lend your voice! Businesses step forward!

Lois Harger

Spokane Valley