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Marriage equality matters

At the April 16 Spokane City Council meeting, in response to a proposed resolution to support marriage equality for all, we saw the most vitriolic regurgitation of superstition, fantasy and hatred I’ve experienced in one sitting; homophobic, Bible-thumping, hell-threatening testimony bordering on hatred.

The lack of logic was painful: Many condemned the “promiscuous gay lifestyle” while opposing gay people’s right to marriage, considered the very antithesis of promiscuity.

Many said “God intended marriage only for procreation,” meaning infertile couples, people who don’t want children, and marriages later in life are immoral. Oddly, that didn’t occur to them.

Many at the meeting seemed to love “American values,” but only if we don’t live them. It was a medieval moment. Or maybe a Klan moment with a different target. A shameful display.

This resolution is exactly the kind of thing cities should do. It doesn’t stop you from fixing the potholes, but rather enriches your work, and makes our city a better place to live. It does matter.

The city of Spokane needs to do it for marriage equality, to telegraph to the world that Spokane is a safe place for everyone.

We do not yet live in a theocracy.

Marianne Torres



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