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Tribal casinos a drain

The big sucking sound you are hearing are the millions of dollars leaving Spokane headed to Northern Quest Casino. It makes me sick when I think of things like the benefit bingo parlors shutting their doors, caused by the casino opening. Now our hotels and restaurants are fighting to keep their doors open also, a result of an Indian casino that does not do one thing for our fair city in return for the untold millions they haul in with unfair laws preventing any competition.

I don’t care that they have a casino but when they intruded on our hotel, restaurant/bar and entertainment business, that is where the line in the sand should have been drawn. And the idea that they are so after our business dollars that they want to start another casino at Airway Heights just proves how unconcerned and uncaring they are for anyone but themselves.

I know it won’t happen, but if I had my wish, it would be to boycott the Indian casinos until laws are changed to equal the playing field before they break any more hard-working businesses.

Bert A. Overland


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