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Sat., April 28, 2012, midnight

Unborn babies are humans

It perplexes me to see all these Democratic women apoplectic at the thought of losing their “right” to murder their unborn babies. We just underwent an ordeal trying to keep our baby in her mother so she could grow and gain enough strength and development to survive when she was born. Sadly, we lost, and she had to be delivered three months early.

She and we are still fighting for her to survive. We look at this complete, although very small (1-pound, 2-ounce) baby, and wonder to ourselves how anyone could call her a “viable tissue mass”? She is a completely intact baby and she is fighting to live. Why would anyone champion the destruction of one so small and defenseless?

I would have to believe that only pure evil could do such a thing. Then I look at the other things the world’s Left wants, and I completely understand. The first thing we as Americans hold to as undeniable is that we have a right to life. Well, most of us believe that.

Just to clarify, she’s a baby, not a choice! Using a baby politically this way has its consequences, although maybe not earthly.

Rob Leach

Mica, Wash.

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